Signs Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Needs A Repair

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Signs Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Needs A Repair

In commercial places where food is being cooked constantly, an exhaust fan is an important piece of equipment. The exhaust fan assists to remove moisture and smoke. So, big issues can take place when the fan starts malfunctioning suddenly. And being a business owner, you cannot afford a malfunctioning or broken exhaust fan as its main functions involve removing carbon monoxide from the gas-based cooking appliances. A malfunctioning exhaust fan can lead to health hazards due to monoxide poisoning. If you are worried about the potential issues linked with exhaust fans, you can contact the kitchen exhaust fan repair experts to get them fixed immediately before they become worse. Here is a list of some subtle issues to watch out for and how their repairs can help extend your exhaust fan’s life:

Start-Up Process
Whenever you turn the exhaust fan on, you should pay close attention to its working. One of the first signs of any mechanic problem with your exhaust fan is if it is slow to start. Though the fan turns to its full power eventually, slow movements of your exhaust fan initially mean that its motor has some issues. Sometimes, you may find that the fan goes into full swing, slow down slightly, and then gain momentum again. This cycle may continue until the fan powers up fully This power problem may worsen over time until the fan ceases to work completely. Your commercial kitchen is generally quieter when you prepare it to open. Hence, you can easily notice this process.

Moisture Leakage
If your commercial kitchen has lots of steam and smoke, then its exhaust fan can experience a lot of condensation build-up. The additional moisture can find its way to the fans and motors in the exhaust system, resulting in various issues. If you ever find moisture dripping out, you should immediately shut off the exhaust fan until it dries fully from the motors. If you find this issue to reoccur, you should consider an upgrade of your exhaust fan. The outputs of the kitchen may exceed your exhaust fan’s capabilities. And a powerful fan can easily push the moisture and air through the vents, hence condensation will not form.

A commercial kitchen remains filled with various inviting smells daily. However, if you smell anything that does not appear to be fresh, then your exhaust fan can be the real culprit. Since exhaust fans pull smoke from the air, moisture can include some food scents and grease linked to it. Over time, dirt and debris can build up in the fan and the odor worsens. If you leave this untreated, the kitchen can develop unpleasant odors. And you will not want the smells to expand outside in your dining space. A great way to treat the odor is by scheduling the cleaning of your exhaust fan. A professional kitchen canopy cleaning team can help you clean the vents and quickly remove any interior buildups. Other than going for a one-time professional treatment for the unpleasant odors, you may schedule a follow-up cleaning every few months to prevent those odors from developing again.

Grinding and Buzzing
An exhaust fan can make lots of noise. However, the constant hum process tends to be quite normal for these fans. The main sounds that you will never wish to hear from your exhaust fans are grinding and buzzing noises. Both of them come from the exhaust fan’s motor and are the best ways to indicate that there is some issue with the exhaust fan. These sounds mean that your exhaust fan needs a quick repair. You may have an overheated or jammed motor, or the most has just worked its course following years of use. When you experience this, you should immediately turn the fan off and call the experts to diagnose the issue and fix the exhaust fan for you.

Exhaust fans in commercial kitchens should be cleaned regularly, based on their work, which is generally daily. A grease that lasts for long in the exhaust fan may impact the opposite draw of your exhaust fan enabling smoke, steam, heat, and soot to not get pulled away from the building, rising the fire risks. If you find that smoke is not getting cleared from the kitchen or the motor of the fan is becoming louder, you should call a professional to do a detailed inspection and repair the exhaust fan for you. The cost of repairs is generally lower when issues are found early. Hence, it is worth always keeping your eyes on your system’s performance. Also, ensure to make routine exhaust fan cleaning a part of your regular kitchen duties.

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