Signs of a Bird Infestation

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Signs of a Bird Infestation

It is rare to consider birds as pests. But certain bird species infestations can be harmful to humans and related damages can be quite expensive. Bird nests cause damages to eaves and roofs, and the droppings of birds are a major health hazard that can ruin pavements and metals. They also carry parasites like fleas, mites, and ticks with them that bite humans and carry many health issues.

Both residential and commercial properties can be the perfect habitat for bird pests as they offer them food, water, and shelter. After they make a property their house, it can become quite challenging for the property owners to get rid of them. Many people don’t take a bird infestation seriously until they face it themselves. Bird infestation can be a serious issue, disrupting a property’s structure. Luckily, now you can take the help of pest control Melbourne experts if you experience a bid infestation anywhere in Melbourne. If you think that you have a bird infestation, then below are the signs to confirm the same:

Noise: When a few birds chirp outside your property, it is a pleasant experience. But the noise can become annoying quickly if you find many of them. This racket of birds is disruptive both to sleep and other routine activities. Their noise can grow and cause emotional and mental disturbances in human beings.

Lingering: When many birds invade your property, you can see them everywhere. Flocks of birds will fly overhead, hanging in the yard or collecting on trees. If their numbers keep increasing, then it is a big sign of a major problem, particularly if it’s outside of a bird mating season.

Local Food Sources: Birds generally select to roost in places where a food source is nearby. Although you have not seen any sign of bird activities still, the property is at risk if located near a prospective food source like a café or restaurant or if open bins are located nearby.

Droppings: Dropping is frequently the most tell-tale sign of bird invasions. If you find droppings everywhere, including the vehicles, house, garden, and trees, then a bird infestation must be there. If you find excessive dropping in a single area, then it is the right time to contact the pest control Melbourne experts to get rid of them.

Damages: Roofs and eaves are chosen nesting locations for birds. The process of nest-building can lead to damages in these places, like wide holes and cracks. Moreover, damages to the roof areas mean that it’s time to contact professional bird removal Melbourne experts.

Debris: Another sign of a bird infestation is debris. It may be in the shape of feathers or nest materials around the property or on the ground. It is caused by seasonal molting and territorial fights. A large amount of debris is a sign of large infestation.

Eliminate Watering and Feeding Sources
Reduce or eliminate food and water sources liked by birds to the possible extent. Design your landscape to avoid ponds and puddles where birds get water to drink and clean gutters regularly to avoid standing water. Don’t spread crumbs or other snacks on your lawn as sparrows and pigeons take this to be an invitation.

Remove Roosting Areas
Trim the trees so that they don’t overhang or touch your house and other nearby structures. Prune plants that attract birds you wish to keep away from your property. You can also add obstructions like sticky glues and spikes to ledges where the birds roost.

Apply Non-Toxic Repellants
Non-toxic, sticky repellents can be put on areas like ledges to reduce and discourage bird roosting and landing. Such products need maintenance as well since they will gather dirt and dust and will have to be regularly reapplied. Repellants are quite successful with pigeons as they nest and roost on ledges.

Remove Nests
You should learn to recognize the nests of birds you wish to eliminate and destroy them just when they are built. You can also block the nest areas as this may make the birds go elsewhere. Seal or caulk openings via which the birds enter.

Hire the Experts
Just like you contact the experts for controlling other pests, it will be beneficial to call a pest control expert who possesses the expertise, knowledge, and access to the right products. Professional pest control experts will use the same methods mentioned here but they will have professional equipment and ladders that are hard to use or unavailable for homeowners. An expert can be a great option if you are experiencing a large bird infestation in or around your property.

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