Different Types Of Cable Accessories Explained

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Different Types Of Cable Accessories Explained

When we talk about cat6 plenum 1000ft cable, different ideas and thoughts come to our minds. We assume that these cables have something very special that other network cables may not have. Now, in reality, several other things help such cables perform up to the mark. Cable accessories, yes, you got it right, the cable accessories also play a key role in helping network cables such as cat6 cable 1000ft deliver what they promise.

The Different Types Of Cable Accessories
When we talk about cable accessories, we aren’t talking about a particular product. We mean by different cable accessories that help us build a local area network system. So, if you are a novice or a pro network guy, you would need the help of these cable accessories.

1: Keystone Jacks
Keystone connectors are simple connectors used to complete a local area network. These small connectors are usually used with patch panels and faceplates. For example, a cable accessory such as a patch panel is not complete without these small jacks. Because in an unloaded patch panel you need to place keystone jacks to connect different cables. In a nutshell, we can say that these jacks are the most widely used network accessory and also provide easy connectivity.

2: Patch Panels
A patch panel is a simple networking accessory that allows you to connect and manage multiple Ethernet or fiber optic cables within a local area network system. In simple terms, you could call a patch panel a cable organizer. It allows you to easily manage a bundle of network cables. You can connect multiple cables to one end and use patch panels to connect these cables to your systems, routers, and network switches. Now without patch panels, it is not possible to manage multiple network cables at once. You never know when a particular cable will ruin the performance of your network system.

3: Faceplate’s
Faceplates are also commonly known as wall plates. These plates are designed for connecting various keystone jacks, in which later on network cables could be inserted. Faceplates are designed to help you connect Ethernet cables without a hassle. These little accessories could be seen at almost every second home or workplace. The convenience these wall plates offers makes them an ideal cable accessory.

4: Patch Cables
Many people get confused between patch cables and ethernet cables. The patch cables lie in the category of cable accessories. These cables have connectors at both ends. You need to understand that patch cables are a part of a local area network. They aren’t categorized as ethernet or fiber optic cables as they help users to connect two network devices. This is the role that patch cables play and they are designed for this purpose. Patch cables come in a variety of lengths. Users can pick the one that they need for connecting two network devices.

5: RJ 45 Connectors
These are connectors that are based on 8p8c (8pin 8 connectors) configuration. These RJ 45 connectors are compatible with cat5e, cat6, and cat6 cables. These tiny connectors have made it easier for the majority to connect their ethernet cables to computers, laptops, or routers.

So, with cat6 plenum 1000ft cable, you can use many cable accessories that are listed here. These accessories help you enhance the performance of your network system with ease. You will connect multiple cables at once with the help of patch panels. Similarly, you can connect a cat6 cable to your system with the help of RJ 45 connectors. So, we see that each accessory has its importance.

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