What are the Most Volatile Forex Pairs

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What are the Most Volatile Forex Pairs

Especially for the forex trader, the most volatile forex currency pairs play a very important role in their trade. Because top volatile currency pairs will influence the trading strategies and in some cases, it will also determine the risk of trading.

That is why, when forex traders choose the forex currency pairs, the first thing they consider is the volatility of an individual pair. Usually, the forex exchange market (i.e., FOREX) possesses a very lower volatility level. There are plenty of reasons why some currency pairs are more volatile than others pairs. In this writing, we will discuss the most volatile forex pairs and how to trade forex with $100 So keep reading to learn more!

Forex Currency Pairs
The foreign currency market is also known as Forex, and this is one of the largest financial markets in the globe. According to the international currency settlement, almost $5.1 trillion is the average trading volume of the foreign currency market. And this trading volume mostly depends on the exchange rate of currency pairs.

In general, the value of an individual currency will depend on the base currency and quote currency. Then the value determines how many units of the quote currency are equivalent to the base currency. This is how basically the value of a forex currency pair is determined.

What Is Volatility
In the world of trading or finance, this word is quite common and well-known. When we try to understand the most forex currency pair, it is important to understand its volatility because the currency pair's value is measured or determined by the volatility.

Sometimes, the value of an individual currency pair can vary because of the volatility in the foreign exchange market. Especially, the information of currency volatility helps the traders or investors to determine the investment opportunities. In simple words, a more volatile currency pair means more price movement. On the other hand, less volatile currency pairs mean lesser price movement.

Most Volatile Forex Pairs
Before trading or investing in the foreign exchange market, it is very important to know about the volatile forex currency pair. Because of a lot of things of trading strategies, market value will depend on the volatile forex currency pair. So below is given a list of volatile forex currency pairs.


The US dollar and the South Korean Won always have an excellent and high exchange rate in the foreign exchange market. Most of the traders and investors consider this pair as an easy win pair. That is why many people start with USD/KRW pair because it has greater volatility.

BRL or Brazilian real is also well-known as an exotic currency in the foreign market. The reason behind calling it an exotic currency is because it comes from an emerging trade market. Usually, these currencies have a high rate of volatility.

The Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen – this pair is also known as the most volatile currency in the world. This currency is also well-known as a commodity currency that possesses a higher rate of volatility. But in some cases, the value of these currencies can change very swiftly because of some external factors.

This currency pair is also similar to the AUD/JPY. The New Zealand dollar is also a commodity currency as we have known that commodity currency always possesses a good rate of volatility. And the value of these currencies highly depends on the internal trade market of those countries.

In general, the British pound and the Euro are not known as the most volatile pair, but the foreign market value of this currency pair is very good. After 2016, the British economy affected the currency of the country and even the whole exchange market. Since they have a very strong base in the stock market, that is why they got a very good exchange rate in the foreign market.

The Canadian Dollar is also a commodity currency. The relationship between the Canadian Dollar and the Japanese yen is very inversely similar to AUD/JPY. The Canadian economy highly depends on the price of oil and the internal financial strategies of that country.

But then again, if you are interested in trading with this currency pair, then it is also can be an excellent option for you, especially when you want to start with a small amount of money (i.e., $100). Then it can be a very good option for you.

The Bottom Line
The foreign exchange market is one of the biggest exchange markets worldwide. They have hundreds of currency pairs from where you can pick and choose your pair. In those hundreds of pairs, volatile currency pairs can offer you goof opportunities with good profits.

In conclusion, it is also important to be noted that the foreign market is full of irregularities. That is why if you want to trade in the forex trading strategies, you should always be concerned about these factors. Hopefully, this writing helped you to know about the most volatile forex pairs.

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