A Simple Guide to Getting an Exotic Car Rental in Dubai

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A Simple Guide to Getting an Exotic Car Rental in Dubai

Exotic cars are one of the highest selling points for promoting tourism in Dubai. You won’t find the cars anywhere in the world that you may find on the roads of Dubai. The people here like the lavish styles and uniqueness of the cars. Whether it's the diamond-covered Mercedes Benz SL600, the Coined Range Rover, the Gold Nissan GTR, or the infamous Lamborghini Cop Car, Dubai has them all. For keeping up the spirits of the uniqueness, premium car rental Dubai offers all the exotic cars that have been collected from all over the world.

Almost every car rental in Dubai claims to be the best car rental company in Dubai, but one has to be very sure before renting a car from them. The condition and variety of the car massively impact on deciding the car rental company. Some of the most rented exotic cars in Dubai are; Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, Ferrari F8 2020, Ferrari 812 Superfast, McLaren 720S, McLaren 650s, Bugatti Veyron, Polaris Slingshot, and Porsche Boxster GTS. If the car rental company has all these exotic cars then no doubt, it is the best car rental company in UAE. However, this can not be considered as the ultimate deciding point. You need to check multiple things before you decide on the company. Here is a simple guide that can help you hire your favorite exotic car at the most affordable price and from the best premium car rental in Dubai.

Know Your Car
Exotic cars are a passion of many. Usually, people have a clear perception of what they want to drive. For instance, driving a Ferrari is the ultimate dream of many teenagers. Although you can only rent a Ferrari, if you are 25 years old but the drive and thrill are worth the wait. So whenever you think about renting an exotic car in Dubai, you should understand the features and driving rules for the car.

Also, exotic cars are much more expensive to rent and the deposit is usually higher than luxury cars, but luxury car rental provides the facility to rent on an hourly basis too. So you can rent the car for special occasions, to party with friends or just to enjoy the ultimate driving pleasure of the car.

Check For Premium Car Rentals in Dubai
Almost every premium car rental in Din Dubai has a distinctive presence. You can not only check the options on exotic cars, but you can also book your desired car, make the payment, set the custom schedule, and get your car delivered anywhere in Dubai. While searching for a car rental company, you may witness a slight difference in the prices. This may be due to insurance and deposit policies. Ask the company about these prices and choose the car rental with the most reasonable and transparent pricing patterns.

Fulfill All The Requirements
As per Dubai’s road and transport authority (RTA), every car rental company has to follow the rules regarding the documents that the renter has to submit to rent a supercar.

If you are a resident, you need to submit the Emirates ID, Passport Copy, and UAE’ Driver’s License. If you are a tourist, you need to submit, Visa Copy, Passport Copy, an International Driver’s License. Some of the premium car rentals in Dubai also ask for insurances but that may apply in some cases.

Deposits and Insurances
Deposits and Insurances policies are an important part of the amount you pay to the car rental company. Best car rental companies are forthcoming with the deposits and insurance amounts, so their clients don’t have to pay for any hidden charges. Exotic car deposits are higher, and the amount depends on the rental price of the car. The deposit is the security that is returned after 2 to 3 weeks after the return of the car. As per RTA rules, insurance is mandatory. However, some car rental companies provide the choice on the insurance you want to avail.

Car Inspection
If you rent an exotic car or any other vehicle, make sure you take pictures and videos of the vehicle. Best car rental companies in Dubai keep their vehicles in up-to-date condition, but it’s wise to make sure that there won’t be any deductions in the deposit. You can also check the car’s engine and other accessories before sealing the deal.

Dubai Traffic Rules
When it comes to traffic rules, Dubai doesn’t like to compromise. They are the same for everyone, and their penalty can be daunting. Even sports cars are meant to be driven fast, but you should be familiar with the traffic rules regarding speeding and their penalties.

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