All the Honda Bikes Under 1 lakh in India

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All the Honda Bikes Under 1 lakh in India

Honda Motor Company a Japanese manufacturer of two-wheelers, is commonly known for manufacturing some of the most sensible and heavily reliable products in the country. Honda has, over the years, established its name as one of the most reliable product makers in the world’s largest two-wheeler industry.

Case in point, the Honda Activa, which has now lived for more than six-generation changes, is one of the most selling products in the Indian market. So much so, it goes neck-in-neck with the Hero Splendor Plus, which is the best-selling motorcycle in the country for decades. The Honda Activa has proven to be so reliable that, to be frank, even I have bought it twice over the last two decades of it being on sale in the country.

Being one of the most reliable two-wheeler manufacturers in the country, Honda has an expansive number of products in the country, catering to as wide as an audience as it can. The range starts with the no-frills CD 110 Dream and goes all the way up to the Africa Twin. Oh, and yes, the Gold Twin is expected to make its debut back in 2021, so stay tuned for that as well.

For today, however, we’re targeting all the Honda bikes in India that are priced under the Rs. 1 lakh mark (ex-showroom). So, let’s start with the most affordable motorcycle and see what Honda has for us in this price range. Read on.

Honda CD 110 Dream
As hinted above, the CD 110 Dream is the most affordable motorcycle in the brand’s product line-up and is also a no-frills commuter. Like is a norm with no-frills commuters, the CD 110 Dream brings all the necessities of this segment to the table, but is void of any fancy electronics or touchscreens. Though it is not the most beautiful motorcycle in the country, it is certainly very attractive in comparison to many other commuters in this price range, if not more. It comes powered by a 109cc single-cylinder engine, which makes 8.67bhp and 9.3Nm of torque and is paired to a four-speed gearbox.

Honda Livo
The Honda Livo, while not being much pricey than the CD 110 Dream, is a huge step above for someone looking for a relatively stylish commuter. It is not very expensive as the CD 110 Dream, but it looks very stylish and handsome as opposed to Honda’s most affordable commuter. Be it the nicer fairing, better graphics, or the black-painted alloy wheels, the Livo feels upmarket and there’s no denying that fact. It, however, comes powered by the same engine as the CD 110 Dream, which is a 109cc unit making 8.67bhp and 9.3Nm of torque.

Honda Shine
The Honda Shine, priced very similarly to the Livo, is our pick in the price range as it also brings a touch of fresh styling and modernity to the mix, but, as a bonus, it comes powered by a 124cc single-cylinder unit, which comes paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox and produces 10.59bhp and 11Nm of torque. It is a better performer both in the city as well as the highway. Plus, in the looks department, it certainly is on par with the Livo, if not more.

Honda SP 125
The SP 125, as its name suggests, also comes powered by a 124cc single-cylinder engine, which, in this case, churns out 10.72bhp and 10.9Nm of torque. So, it performs as well as the Honda Shine in both city and highway. However, the slight bump in the price brings better styling, better equipment, and better cycle parts to the mix. It, too, at the end of the day, is a commuter with a touch of styling.

Honda Unicorn
The Honda Unicorn is the most affordable 160cc commuter in Honda’s product line-up. However, unlike most of the 160cc motorcycles in this day and age, the Unicorn follows a very commuter-centric design where the competition has moved ahead by miles. Therefore, despite being an affordable 160cc motorcycle, it falls short as it brings nothing too special to the mix. It does, however, get a punchy 162cc single-cylinder motor, which is capable of churning out 12.7bhp and 14Nm of torque. It comes mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox as standard.

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