Things I Wish I Had Known When My Son Started YouTube Channel

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Things I Wish I Had Known When My Son Started YouTube Channel

People living in the caves were blessed, happy from heart, and contended I guess, as they lived an open, no filter life. They knew what would they have for breakfast, where are their children and what they will be doing in the future. No secrets, No High Hopes, No Unpredictability. See Happy life. Here we are living the life of a quiz game player who is here to make guesses and getting the answers right or wrong. There are just empty thrill and no fun. No please don’t judge me, am not an old grumpy dad or I am maybe. But I can Explain. See I was randomly asked about making a YouTube channel the last autumn at a dinner table by my eldest son. What YouTube Channel? I promptly asked and was satisfied with the answers that it will mainly be videos of me playing games and all. No big deal. I took it as was stated no big deal. But Last night my mother called and asked what kind of Dad I was who even doesn't know about his son and his ‘challenges’.Turned out he was involved in some viral challenge going on the internet that was so viral that it reached my mom living on the deserted island. 

I watched the video, had a serious talk with my son, turned out he is way ahead for leaving behind this all, because of the subscribers and stuff. On the promise of no more wild stuff for the sake of subscribers, I let it go officially but unofficially I am not going to forget my mom’s loud phone call voice. It reminded me of my childhood so for a justified reason I have tried to find a solution like keeping a strict eye on the YouTube Video content of my son and I needed a smart parental control app for android. I have found one the name is the TheOneSpy.Want to check about the features, keep going.

Why YouTube Screen Recorder Is Necessary:
YouTube is the most widely used video streaming app in the world. Approximately 1 billion hours of videos have been watched daily on YouTube. More than 70% of watch time has been contributed by the android user. This is frightening and alarming and the only people in my house who spend most of the time of the day on the android are my teens. The YouTube screen recorder of TheOneSpy provides all the necessary activity information of the target person to the user.

Get To Know About The Browsing Video History:
Every kind of content is present on YouTube.Anyone can access that without any hurdle. Keep an eye on the YouTube browsing video list of your teen and make sure they must not access any kind of adult content or unethical material. The kind of accessed content tells us more about their mindset, mood, and company. Teenage is the most sensitive and emotional age and one must take good care of the teen kid as responsible parents.

Know About The Personalised Channel And Content:
The One Spy parental control app for android provides remote access to the personalized channel of the target person. You can check the uploaded content and save your kid from future embarrassment. As per the rule for the sake of likes, subscribers, and view time, teenagers can take extreme actions like sharing compromised videos or too much personal information. That kind of content can make them a victim of cyberbullying in the future. So keep your eyes on the viral challenges and make sure your kid does not get dragged into the digital world of viral challenges.

Real-Time Monitoring :
With the TheOneSpy spy app, you can watch the real-time activities of the YouTube of your teenager. Watch what kind of media is uploaded or their taste of music video in real-time. Or You can also check that by monitoring the recorded short videos captured by the TheOneSpy.

The One Spy parental control app for android is your gateway to strict digital monitoring with a friendly budget. The app offer tons of other extraordinary features that can help parents to keep up with the tech-savvy teen generation. The Mac and Window spy app version of the TheOneSpy helps to monitor the desktop, laptop, or tablet activities of the target person. 

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