Overview of Cloud and Cloud Engineer

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Overview of Cloud and Cloud Engineer

What is Cloud
The continuous involvement in modern technology has opened a gateway to the immediate transfer of information and the information stored. Cloud computing services provide a platform to access and modify this data with ease irrespective of the location and time.

The cloud is a data storage platform on the web, which can store your data and information on a logical web pool rather than a physical storage device. The working of the cloud is hosted by the servers located remotely at the data centers. It's possible to procure your data stored on the cloud through web access by uploading the files manually or automatically as per the option opted.

Ways to secure cloud:
The cloud services are used by the users in both the domains, public and private. As a result, the security stakes associated with the use of the cloud differ for both. In private cloud computing, the hosting power is under the user's command, which enables him to see through the security norms. While working with a public cloud computing domain, you are bound to trust an unknown third-party host with all your company's vital information.

If you are a data handling expert and are familiar with all the deep insights of cloud computing services, you can store your business files in a private cloud domain. The most significant windfall of using a private cloud is that the data stored in your cloud is limited to a single organization. Thus, cyber attackers do not readily breach through your cloud. Studies have shown that cybercriminals are most liable to breach the cloud's security with thousands of users. The public clouds with tremendous users hold an enormous amount of precious information, which, when leaked, can affect your organization's working and stature.

While you do not hold expertise in cloud computing, handling a private cloud can be hazardous for your business. Being unfamiliar with the norms and working of the cloud can lead to data breaching. In such cases trusting a third-party host is only a reliable option.

To secure your data in either case, data encryption can be beneficial. Cloud furnishes each of its users with a data encryption option. Choosing the encryption options for your data will generate a one-to-one interface between the user and the cloud. This enables the user to secure their data over the cloud and the benefits of cloud storage.

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Job Roles for Cloud Engineer

  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Systems Engineer (Cloud)
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Network Engineer (Cloud)

Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer:

  • Maintenance and support
  • Management
  • Planning, design, and development of an application on Cloud

    Candidates who are skilled in AWS Cloud and DevOps are in high demand nowadays, which will never change in the future. Many new technologies have returned to the surface in recent decades. One has to build and use the technologies of the long run in the organization.

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