Get the Most Out of Your Bathroom with White Wall Hung Vanity Unit

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Get the Most Out of Your Bathroom with White Wall Hung Vanity Unit

The white wall-hung vanity unit is perfect space-saving bathroom storage. Many types of bathrooms often require specific types of bathroom utilities, especially when space is not available. Therefore, everything we want to install in the bathroom requires proper planning, so we don’t get any problems later. The need of storing bathroom essentials has increased over time. And now we can not imagine a bathroom space without a vanity unit, cabinet or tallboys, etc. However, you can not just choose any style of storage for the bathroom. It must serve at least two main purposes. The first one is that it provides enough storage as per your needs and requirements. The second is it should look good at the same time. So, both aesthetics and practicality are important equally.

What white wall hung vanity unit Offers
As the name implies, the white wall-hung vanity unit is a wall-mount-style storage unit. It is their distinctive quality that makes them different from others. Why these units were probably created was due to space issues. This innovation does not take up space on the floor hence making your smaller space look bigger. In addition, these are compact in style, so you would be happy to save a few inches. Other than that, this style is trendy due to its look as well. Because these fit on the wall, most people perceive them as luxurious units.

Are there different sizes available for the white wall hung vanity unit
Yes, there are certainly many different sizes available in these storage units. You may find different sizes like 500mm to 800mm. You may choose the one as per your needs of storage and overall bathroom size. If you need a bigger size vanity unit, you might go for freestanding vanities available in 1000mm. While looking for the size, you need to understand that these are intended to be compact units as these were good for space-saving.

Is the white wall-hung vanity unit durable?
Since bathrooms are places full of moisture, it is important to consider the durability of the storage furniture. A piece of standard wood furniture may not be a good option as it may easily lose its shape over time due to water splashes and a damp environment. So, the first thing you should keep in mind is not to buy anything made with traditional wood, regardless of how good it looks. Our bathroom furniture is manufacture with a type of wood MDF, a kind of industrial wood made with various components. Not only it can withstand the bathroom’s environment, but it also costs significantly less as compared to traditional wood. That’s why we recommend you choose to prefer this material for a white wall-hung vanity unit.

For Which Size Bathroom you can install it
Generally, wall-hung units are considered to be a thing that is suitable for small bathrooms only. It is because these have compact sizes. Manufacture makes every effort in saving space while designing these products. As a result, these are fixed on the wall, leaving some space underneath. Compared to a piece of standard storage furniture that also wastes space from the back, these are space-efficient units. However, it does not mean that medium or large-size bathrooms can not use them. Perhaps, we have seen a recent trend where even medium and large-size bathrooms have these storage units. Their main reason for preferring this style over others despite being smaller in size is the attractive look and style. The luxurious look attracts everyone, both large and small bathrooms alike.

Budget and Price Considerations
Many people think that since these storage units look luxuries, they would cost more than traditional bath storage. However, in reality, their price for these units is not much different from others. The price range for these units starts from around £ 150. So, installing this unit would not break the bank.

Buy white wall hung vanity unit from Royal Bathrooms UK
You have learned few important things about the white wall-hung vanity unit. It is a real space saver design that is great for small bathrooms. However, there is a recent trend of installing these units in the larger bathroom sizes as well. At Royal Bathrooms, we offer an extensive range of bathroom accessories and utilities. You can browse our website and make a purchase.

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