12 Rajasthan is the right thing to do

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12 Rajasthan is the right thing to do

The Land of the Royals, Rajasthan, is truly in each way a royal state. It is one of India's most historical localities and culturally rich. People from all over the world come to live royal life, lively festivals, spectacular races for camels, desert camps, dune ruts, and more. Rajasthan offers many offbeat things as well, in addition to its rich heritage, vibrant streets, and interesting festivals. Explore royal Rajasthani, the most exotic and traditional.

1. Camel Safari In Bikaner Desert
Riding Camelback and visiting the rustic villages of Rajasthan. Camel Safari has plenty to do in Bikaner. Be evidence of a desert camel's real beauty. Stay on an overnight campground in Bikaner for more fun in the middle of the desert. Enjoy gunfire at night in the Rajasthani dish and folk music.

2. Rajasthan, in the middle of the Thar Desert
Look at the glorious Thar Desert sunrise and a magnificent sunset. In the dunes at night, camp. Camp. Enjoy typical fire-flavored food with mouthwatering. Pass around the celestial galaxies your night staring at stars. Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Pushkar, Sambhar Lake, and Mount Abu are the most popular places for Desert camping in Rajasthan.

3. Hot Air Balloon in Jaipur, Pink City
The best thing to do in Rajasthan is Hot Air Balloon Safari in Jaipur. Hover over the city and see the whole town from the bird's eye. Safari evening is the perfect way to see the sun go down on the dunes.

4. Stroll in the colorful streets of Jodhpur
Colorful stroll through the city streets. Try to capture the blue shades of Jodhpur's ancient city and immerse yourself in the blue hues of old townhouses. You would be appalled as you watch a sunset from the city walls.

5. Watch the sunset on camelback in Jaisalmer
Go for a camelback tour of the entire region. Contact a tour operator or any organization offering a whole day package of camelback safari. Overnight in Jaisalmer can also select a camelback safari. See the sand turn red and silver-dust at night at sunset.

6.Go on Paragliding and enjoy Jaipur's Bird's Eye
How about looking out of the air at the Pink City? Fancy, right! Fancy! Get a panoramic view of the ancient castles, forts, and temples by choosing Paragliding in Jaipur. Run around your eyes and enjoy the view of the amazing dunes.

7. Tour in Jaipur like a king on an elephant safari
A big shock! A Safari Elephant! If you want to sense how Maharajas did while on his citizens' tour, then elephant safari in Rajasthan is one of the most outstanding things to do. A memorable visit to the Naila Hawa Mahal for magnificent landscapes, and visit the unbelievable elfin safari in various areas of the region.

8. Parasailing
Discover the desert on a breathtaking trip to glimpse the castle, the old ruins, and the archaeological lakes. The best offbeat adventure in Rajasthan is parasailing in Jaisalmer. Sunsets behind dunes also bear witness.

9. Jeep Safari in Ranthambore National Park
In Saudi Madhopur, Ranthambore is one of the biggest Indian national parks. Here you can quickly find a tiger. In the park, you will find different reptiles, birds, goats, trees, and plants. Hire a wildlife jungle operator and discover nature in your Jeep Safari and its habitats. Safari Jeep is the most popular thing about Rajasthan.

10. Zip Lining In Mehrangarh Fort
Swing from one cliff to another across a zipline. Zipline is a famous Rajasthan tour packages adventure in Mehrangarh Fort. Two of the desert lakes and the Rao Jodha eco-park are part of Zipline's operations. Witness some of Blue City, Jodhpur's majestic views.

11. View Nahargarh Fort's color-changing city
See the sunset at Nahargarh Fort's top walls. See the unbelievable panorama of the city that changes colors every day. Dinner with your loved ones in the rooftop restaurant close to the fort and enjoy the city's view, glimpsed by the sun.

12. Watching the bird in the sanctuary of Bharatpur
If you are a lover of birds, then you can find a bird sanctuary in Bharatpur. Relax the time of bird watching, when you can meet more than 200 different bird species, colorful and vibrant. In the winter, hundreds of birds migrate to that area, which is the best time to visit the sanctuary.

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