How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy in Your Budget

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How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy in Your Budget

Having the right SEO strategy for your business is instrumental for online success. As the SEO process is vast and there is no limit, sometimes it feels overwhelming to draft the right strategy within budget. If you are running SEO on a smaller budget, first you need to understand what are the areas that you are lacking due to the low budget for SEO strategies. Below are the common factors that will help you identify how the budget is limiting you.

Lack of time
A smaller SEO budget often means that you won't be able to work on that project as much as you need to because of a lack of budget. A smaller budget will restrict your hours per month for that project.

Lack of resources
We have to face this, SEO tools come with a high price tag, and when you work with a low budget, you will compromise with certain tools that might be important for your SEO plan.

Lack of knowledge
If you are a business that is planning to outsource SEO on a lower budget, you need to understand the fact that you won't get experts at that cost.

These are some common issues you will face while preparing your SEO strategy while on a tight budget. However, it doesn't mean that you can't succeed online with your budget. There are plenty of ways you can thrive online within your budget and gain more profitability. On this note, let's have a look at how you can build a winning SEO strategy within your budget that won't disappoint you.

Find alternatives
If you are running short on important tools, you need to search for alternatives or go for shared services for your SEO strategy. There are a lot of platforms that offer you to access all important tools at a fraction of the cost and get your job done. First using shared services, deliver your clients results, and then pitch how buying certain tools can improve their rankings in a much faster way.

Know your strengths
SEO is vast and it's the best part especially when you are working on a low budget. Identify which SEO techniques you are good at and hone them like a pro. If you are good at PR and building a network, then focus on that. This is also a good way of creating backlinks and building connections at the same time.

Set real expectations
Doesn't matter if you are working with an agency or as a freelancer, you need to communicate the realistic expectations with the budget you have got. Make a list of things that you are good at and bring more results. Then share the real expectations regarding what the budget can get them.

Fix technical problems first
No matter how small or big the SEO packages is, if the foundation is not strong, you will leave a lot of opportunities on the table. Especially when you are on a small SEO budget, first fix all the technical issues. Make sure there are no 404, the site loading speed is good, and the content is optimized, and so on. All these things don't require a big budget. Once you fix these important things, you can thrive and create a winning SEO strategy.

Start Small
Starting small is always better than not even trying and this thing applies to SEO strategy as well. You need to focus on those tasks first that will bring the maximum results for the website. Those tasks will vary from project to project and you need to identify accordingly. It may be backlink building, robust content optimization, or doing a PR release, identify one strong thing and work on that.

Prioritize what to achieve first
The best approach towards making a winning SEO Strategy as it not only gains your client's confidence but also lets you pitch for more budget. Make a list of two to three top goals that you are going to achieve and set a time limit for them.

Once you start achieving those small results, pitch the client to extend a budget a little bit so that it will help them achieve more, and get more traffic. And, you can only drive good results when you set the expectations right and start achieving small results first.

Re-think about the best practices
Most of the best SEO practices are backed with a good budget and you need to make your client understand that these strategies will consume more budget. You need to come up with better strategies that can deliver good and consistent results. You need to make your own winning strategies that can help you go ahead with SEO.

These were the best practices that you can follow and create a winning SEO strategy in your budget. Keep focusing on improving as much as possible and it will definitely improve the overall site performance.

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