How to Pass AWS SAA C01 Exam

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How to Pass AWS SAA C01 Exam

The AWS SAA-C01 is one of two exams developed and aligned with AWS. The other AWS certification, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, is a self-study project. Both exams are intended to verify the competency of AWS Developers in deploying, managing, and monitoring AWS resources. The exam combines theory with real-life case studies to ensure a thorough understanding of the basic AWS usage and tools. AWS Developers needs to pass both exams to complete their Professional Certificate in AWS.

The AWS SAA-C01 has two different versions, a full version, and a simplified version. The AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam was introduced in the third quarter of 2021 and is offered by Cisco Technology Consulting as a managed support and benchmarking lab. It is an interactive exam that requires a laptop with an internet connection as well as software installed on it such as MS SQL, Java, bash, or PHP. The exam description indicates that the exam can be retaken only two times before being invalidated. The lab exams of AWS consist of two parts: a practice lab and an in-real production deployment.

For passing the AWS exam, a candidate needs to follow all prompts accurately. In the AWS lab, three sections make up the exam. The first section is comprised of SAA-C01 Practice Questions that can be taken by the candidates practicing. The second section includes real deployment cases in which real AWS installations are run using AWS APIs. The third section includes an exam question bank that provides sample questions based on each section of the exam.

The AWS SAA-C01 exam structure has two major components. The first component is a test of the candidate's ability to build, install, monitor, and troubleshoot AWS applications using an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate user portal. The second component is a test of the candidate's ability to troubleshoot problems in a real production environment using AWS APIs.

The test consists of three parts and each part has fifteen sub-sections. The first sub-section mainly includes topics about AWS APIs. The topics include using the AWS APIs for creating an AWS account, creating an AWS cluster, and operating an AWS server. The AWS APIs are covered using text, video, and audio walk-through and screen captures.

The second component of the AWS SAA-C01 exam structure concentrates on testing the candidate's understanding of how AWS works and how to use AWS APIs. For this portion of the exam, the topics include basic information about AWS such as what it stands for, what it is for, and how to use it. During this part of the exam, students are required to answer detailed questionnaires. The topics covered in the surveys include how an AWS user initiates an AWS command, what happens when you invoke an AWS API, and how to use the AWS API's s and I with curl. These questions are designed to assess whether the candidates understand and can use the basic concepts of AWS. The topics also cover the use of AWS APIs to create, configure, and run an AWS server, how to access data stored in AWS, and how to use the AWS console to monitor AWS resources.

The third section of the AWS SAA-C01 exam includes two sets of multiple-choice tests. The first set of tests consists of vocabulary and content questions that ask candidates to name the types of AWS services, how AWS works and how to evaluate AWS usage. The second set of multiple-choice tests involves answering three sets of trivia questions related to AWS. The questions include, what is the lowest price for using AWS, what is the maximum amount of money an AWS customer can invest, and what is the price range for AWS prices. The AWS exam contains a practice exam and an examination section that allow candidates to track their performance before the main exam. The AWS practice exam contains a collection of questions based on common AWS scenarios.

The AWS SAA-C01 exam contains an online study guide and a practice exam. The online study guide contains detailed descriptions of topics that are covered on the exam. The AWS practice exam contains multiple-choice questions that are based on AWS topics. AWS offers training materials to help candidates familiarize themselves with the language and terminology of AWS. Candidates who successfully pass the AWS SAA-C01 exam will be provided with an AWS Certification.

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