11 measures to build Facebook Likes

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11 measures to build Facebook Likes

Facebook has become an important place for companies, brands, famous people, artists, public personalities, Nonprofit organizations, schools, and more to connect with customers, and a broader community of online users, with 2,7 billion "likes" recorded daily on Facebook in 2012 (according to figures published by Royal Pingdom).

Within minutes, anyone with Facebook can build a Facebook profile. It's free, it's quick. However, two very different aspects are making a Facebook page and creating a fantastic Facebook page. Fortunately, to build an irresistible Facebook page you don't have to be a web designer, programmer, marketing professional, or technology wizard.

Following are 11 simple steps that you can take to create a great Facebook Page that motivates people to click the "like" button.

1. Choose a big name for your customer.
Your username will also be shown under the URL for your Facebook profile. Many Facebook pages already exist, so your first option is maybe not available. This is why making a Facebook page and getting your username as soon as possible is important. You may want to in the future if you don't plan to use Facebook actively today. Get your name now, because when you want it, you're going to have it.

2. In the About section, give the main information.
Your Facebook page contains a little section about your company or organization, which contains a few phrases about your business. Make sure you provide your audience with the most relevant facts so that they understand immediately why your site should matter to you.

In this section of your page, you should also include your website URL. In the event of nobody clicking on the About link on your Facebook page, it will be buried in full About Definition, which will not be seen, (discussed under # 3). Ensure that your URL is available on the top-level About, make it easy for people to get more information about your company or business.

3. In the full About summary, include as much detail as possible.
You can log in to your account and click the Edit Info button to add information and material once your Facebook Page is live. Complete as much basic information as possible to tell the whole story of your company or organization, how to get in contact with you, and so on.

All this information is displayed in the overview of your Facebook page when you click on the link to the top-level About. If you are sufficiently interested to click this link to see your description, you should make sure you find the greatest possible amount of detail.

4. Look out for a great picture cover.
Choose a visually dynamic cover photo, catch the imagination of people and draw them into your pages to take a closer look. Note that in your cover picture you should have a marketing message. Only follow Facebook's latest photos cover rules, which are available on the Facebook Support page.

5. Select a suitable picture profile.
Your photo profiles are a smaller picture on your Facebook page and as an avatar for all updates and images that you share on Facebook. Make sure your picture represents your brand correctly because the more people see it, the greater the exposure and connection with your brand.

6. Check to see the most important apps.
Full apps to your Facebook page to provide your audience with more diverse content and experiences and ensure you list your top four apps first. These are the ones automatically available under your cover photo on your Facebook page's app thumbnails.

7. To make your page look useful, build some content.
Begin creating content that your target market would like to read and read, meaningful, informative, and entertaining. Images and posts are included (be sure to tag people in both). Add achievements and material to apps such as meetings, videos, etc. used on your website. A content-free website is a page nobody wants.

8. Feed your content into your Facebook profile automatically.
Don't you have time on your Facebook Page to release a lot of content? No difficulty. By feeding your blog posts and Twitter updates into your Facebook profile, you can automate those publications. External tools such as Twitterfeed as well as some Facebook integrated tools such as RSS Graffiti can be used to customize this.

9. Encourage your profile on Facebook.
To allow people to directly like your website and blog from Facebook or like your website or blog posts, use social plug-ins, and share your website on your own Facebook profiles with one-click. Social plugins allow you to view updates on your Facebook Page on your website or blog.

10. On your Facebook profile, offer something special or unique.
There is little motivation for people, who don't deliver useful, meaningful, interesting, or enjoyable content and experiences, to like or come back after their first visit. You should not only build content and experiences that tourists can not find elsewhere. the posts should also be useful. For example, give your page fans a discount or hold a competition and give one of your page fans a great prize. Get innovative and find ways to appreciate and reward your fans.

11. Please ask your friends on Facebook to like your Facebook page.
Use the convenient option to invite your friends (or group of friends from Facebook) on your Facebook page to like them via a Facebook direct message once your page has been set up. This is an excellent way to start building a ball and start rolling.

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