10 Romantic Things To Do On Your Europe honeymoon

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10 Romantic Things To Do On Your Europe honeymoon

A continent, located in the Northern Hemisphere, is not only a symbol of love but also exquisite beauty. From the city of love, Paris, to the city of canals, Venice, not to forget, the city of elegance, Vienna and the city of art, Istanbul, Europe is a location that calls out to all the couples. To plan a perfect, romantic getaway with your loved one in this continent of unique cities of love, art and fairy-tale, Pickyourtrail is here are the top 10 Romantic Things to Do on your Europe honeymoon.

10 Romantic Things to Do in Europe:

  • The romantic Gondola ride, Venice
  • The alluring sunset, Santorini
  • The marvellous Northern Lights, Norway
  • The relaxing waters, Iceland
  • The fun flight, France
  • The delicious Wine tasting, Valencia
  • The peaceful Ranch, Seville
  • The magical Scottish Highlands
  • The magnificent canals, Netherlands
  • The enchanting Amalfi Coast, Italy

The romantic Gondola ride, Venice
Exploring the city of canals on a Gondola, with breeze gracing the hair and serenity filling the heart, this activity is a must to do for all couples. Paddle through the city of Venice where magnificent canals reflecting the city’s uniqueness are complemented with the most romantic aura that you and your better half can take advantage of. If magic is what you seek, a sunset gondola is your ride. From a shared ride to a private one, experience the most romantic activity Europe offers in this city of beauty.

The alluring sunset, Santorini
Known as the city of blue-tombed, whitewashed little castles, one of the major highlights of this island in Greece, is the enchanting idea of nightfall. From alluring beauty to emitting the most romantic vibe, the island of Santorini is the ultimate destination for couples to spend a wonderful time with each other with the marvellous sunset serving as a backdrop. Head to Oia, in this city of aesthetics, to soak in all the love it offers.

The marvellous Northern lights, Norway
If beauty is what you are looking for then witnessing the Aurora Borealis is a must to do. There is no better experience than visiting the streaks of green and blue splashed across the sky with your better half. Get lost in the beauty everywhere you turn around because Norway not only possesses the iconic Northern lights but also cosy fisherman’s cabins for the couples to indulge in the ultimate experience of love complementing with aesthetics.

The relaxing waters, Iceland
Topping every couple’s bucket list is swimming in the clear waters of Iceland. From adventurous attractions such as standing under a powerful waterfall and engaging in water sports to spending a relaxing time enjoying the sauna and steam cave made from lava rocks, the Blue Lagoon is ideal for all couples who have a thirst for adventure. Visit this city of thrill with your partner and take home a lifetime of memories.

The fun flight, France
Another addition to the list for the adventure-seeking couple is soaring over stunning landscapes millions of meters above the ground. Fly independently if you have a certified licence or take a tandem flight. Failing to experience the thrill of swaying across the natural terrain full of beauty in the city termed as a world-class destination for paragliding will be unfair. Explore the paragliding attraction with your loved one in Puy de Dome, Morzine, Portes du Soleil and Saint-Hilaire, Grenoble for an unforgettable experience.

The delicious Wine tasting, Valencia
If classy alcohol interests you, then lose in the aroma of wine because the city of Valencia is the most famous destination for wine-tasting. This activity is not only top-notch but highly classy especially when taken advantage of with your better half. Wear the best of your outfits and hit the road to head to Montserrat, Unknown Gaudi, Tapas and Cava winery, and Wine and Cava to experience one of the most elite attractions in this Spanish city with your partner.

The peaceful Ranch, Seville
Relaxation, if it has to be defined, then Ranch is what comes to mind. Lying in between the cities of Seville and Jerez, you and your better half can find serenity in exploring the rural aspect of Spain with ranch houses serving as a highlight. The couple can not only find peace in witnessing the beautiful sunset in this city of Seville but also can take advantage of delicious delicacies in a courtyard filled with greenery.

The magical Scottish Highlands

There is nothing more romantic than spending leisure time with your better half in a set comprising ancient woodlands complemented with still waters flowing throughout. From the absolute beauty of the wild, the rocky landscapes to royal castles such as Sterling, Dunnottar, Balmoral, Inverness, the Scottish Highlands are no less than a fairy-tale with a tinge of wilderness. With cosy cabins built for your convenience, explore the scent of nature to its fullest as a couple and make memories that you will cherish for life.

The magnificent canals, Netherlands
Serving as an ultimate attraction for newlyweds is sailing through the still waters of Amsterdam. With your loved one, take advantage of the romantic cruise wherewith candlelit dinner in the serene vibe of the waters by making your honeymoon to the Venice of the North, not only marvellous but also cherishable. If magic is what you and your partner seek, then head on this cruise at sunset because a dim sun setting on the waters is a total mood. From sharing a boat to renting a private yacht, the couple can make the most of the marvellous running waters.

The enchanting Amalfi Coast, Italy
We all have heard a walk to remember, but what if we replace the word walk with the drive? Couples seeking adventure complementing romance can head on a road trip to the Amalfi Coast in the city of Art. Being rewarded as a heritage site by UNESCO, this attraction is a must-visit for all the newlyweds. Stretched over the coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea, this romantic setting, located in the Gulf of Salerno in Southern Italy not only emits romance but also leaves you and your better half with a truckload of memories.

With each city offering romantic attractions, the couples not only have plenty of them to choose from but also are embarking on a trip that will be cherished forever. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your honeymoon trip with Pickyourtrail’s Europe Honeymoon Packages!

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